Friday, October 24

Where the wild things really are

They breed in the streets
in the dark air
under the lights so loud
walking along in flowing streets
without a worry or thought
almost as though they're proud
enjoying the scenery
in its brash subliminal truths
lookin for the next event to occur
unknowingly creating the lack of greenery
those superficial barbaric sleuths
that come out at evening to cause a stir

They follow the herd mindlessly and wild
wanting to be loved and accepted
acting rude and without a care
never dare to be mild
never be too perceptive
though they say it's so unfair
strive to be the best
try to fit in with one more Coors
at this after hours bar and the next
truly no better than all the rest
they're my friends and yours
so maybe it's time we all got a little more vexed
be truly wild as we claim
rather than simply being just the same

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