Tuesday, October 21

Sex Runts

Sex is like a box of runts candy
for women anyway
There are 5 colors
pink, red, green, orange & yellow

The pink is shaped kinda like a heart,
so I guess this is your symbol for love
The real thing, utter ecstasy
there are never enough of the pink
and they taste the best

There are always a few more red ones
these are almost shaped like
a heart, but not quite
These taste pretty good, at first
then they get a little tart
sound familiar?

Then there's green,
well, that's simple enough
These sour balls weren't ready
to be eaten yet
Just pass over these and hold out
for the good ones

Next there's orange,
all bright and colorful
Just like the guy who's so full of
himself you could just puke,
which is the same feeling you get
after biting into one of these

Last, but definitely not least
is yellow, the banana
This one blows all around
it tastes rotten and yet,
sex, like runts,
is choked full of these

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