Tuesday, October 7

If I post any more, it's gonna need it's own space...

Untitled (another sex poem)

You know what this world needs,
that's right another sex poem

Don't bother faking distaste
enjoy this life like you did last night
I saw your joy, lust, and little bit of pain
Don't ever say I'm too taboo
or simply turn you blue

Enjoy a good romp in the hay
Dont' worry as to whether or not it's o.k.

Jump up and down, pant and groan
make them weak, shiver and moan
Do it right or don't do it at all
It's not love without which you must fall

Go to a bar and have a drink there
take every chance to sit on his or her knee
Do use protection
and don't rape whenever you get an erection
stop closing your eyes
each time you regret opening your thighs
mean and understand what you do
Don't be so subtle, call a spade a spade and a screw a screw

You want whips and chains
Just be sure to see you doctor about
any internal pains
walk up straight shoulders broad and wide
show them all you have to offer, don't bother to hide

So, what's it all mean?

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