Thursday, June 24

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Saturday, June 19


The quieting touch of another's heart,
The distant sound of snowflakes falling,
woodsmoke, scenting, filling the room
Knowing love is coming, soon...

Candle-glow, leaping serenely on the mantle,
singing, softly, sighing its life away,
flurries past the pane, warning
I ask for yet another morning...

I long of things I barely touch
so new, so fresh, so simply beautiful,
It might as well be across the sky
It's not free, nor am I...

A look, a glance, says more to me,
We read so much into such moments,
Than, perhaps, they return to us in kind,
But, then, who can ever know my mind...

Like a bird on wing, I rush,
Hoping for more than I think I can have
I cannot stop the wind, my friend
It was here before we were sent

...just some old stuff, I found crumpled up, in a book.

Friday, June 18

another untitled

There's a place
so well hidden
so far away
yet so near
It's a safe place

A serene place
a place where
I need to go
It holds the key
The key I need
to find my way
but to get there
I must find a key

It's not a normal key
but a very special key
this key unlocks more
more than you could ever know
There are secrets
There are truths
and there are answers

Answers, truths, and secrets
that I need to know
want to know
it's not fair
that I can't go

If I find the key
will I find me
but I'm right here
I shouldn't need a key

Thursday, June 17

Love is like

Love is like a wild animal
exotic and free
tame it, and you'll feel like you rule the world

You know it's love when you actually
care enough to program your VCR.

Love is like suntan lotion. It's sticky,
it's a pain to get complete cover,
but it gives great protection.

Love is like 69 different things,
but that's all. There is nothing
else like it in all the world
when you find it, hold on to it
like the safety bar on the
rollercoaster ride that made
you puke at 8, but for some
crazy reason you just had
to ride it, again.

Tuesday, June 15

untitled, as usual

Please let me have your stress,
pain, poison, passion, and all.

Give freely and take discretely
Enjoy all you can, why then
waste a moment in time
or a friend with wine

Things can and do and must
change always and again

You gave me a world
of possibilities 'n plan
and I drove and strove
then you blew it, but true

She had to, but why
could later be the
only way, at all
I wonder too
much, but
it's you

Monday, June 14

So, I posted this before....I still love it

It was a perfect year
all the normal elements
summer, winter, spring, and fall
rain, snow, sleet, and sun

The flowers bloomed and left
The skies dried then wept
Beauty came and went
Love seemed heaven sent

Joy and pain were hand in hand
hate and deception grew in every man
war and peace mingled as one
children did it all, adults only attempted fun

The grasses grew strong, but mild
vicious animals roamed in the wild
the days are long then short
seems every human must attend a court
Disarguments in land and air
as simple as a boy cutting a girl's hair

It's always the same
though at times we create a different name
But we all take it all in stride
it's getting worse everyday
but we won't change, I'm sad to say
Just be true to your nature and soul
Don't worry about how the words unfold

Sunday, June 13

bet you can't guess the title (I know I can't)

He gives pleasure, when she allows
He goes as he pleases, with and without her
She gives trust and lust, a must

She goes above and beyond
just for fun, also below
the belt, even around the eyes
she will as she must, rather as

He makes it so required, or
needed for him, she'd do
Right now, never right
Good, but never great
Intense but never enlivening
Fucking amazing, but never love

And in the end, it's all we need
but we'll never have enough,
or maybe it's too damn much
I can never seem to tell which

He decided his fate, set in stone
She saw a slight glimpse, a sign
From a sign, a signal, but only
if he thinks and she thinks
and she drinks as he drinks

The world must always have
both to be balanced, at peace
her joy could be, but his'd never
She'd tried until she died
He'd have a head full of lies
The world won't watch while we wait.

Saturday, June 12

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Friday, June 11


dreams are a funny thing
They make you think
I can't decide,
but no help will arrive.
All has failed
in thought.

I beg,
I plead,
I need to know!
Do I love him so?
It seems so possible, but I just don't know.
I think I do, but how?
Could it be
that this is so true,
my love for you,
that I can't realize.
I don't know,
It's my only explanation,
I need another,
I think.

Let me dream of fairy tales
in far off lands
and of happy thoughts,
or even war,
but not love.
Inside, more hurt
comes from love.
If I love you
and you die in war,
I die inside.
If I love you
and you are but a fairytale
I die inside.

Love causes such hurt.
Why does it seem so damn great?
What was last night's conversation about?
Did he speak of me, no of course not.
But why do I still think so?
Because I do!

What about the other,
no, I'm not over him.
Or is that the cause,
my ignoring him,
and looking to another.
But why him, he's taken.
I can't,
I must forget it.

Please never let me
dream a dream of love.
I want to dream
of a happy place,
without love.
Lovers may be happy,
but not forever.
So for my for ever,
let me dream away.
Away I fly to a happy time,
in a happy place,
with happy people.

Thursday, June 10

All the Same One

The ones I know
are all the same
I must know
for whom I search
if he's repeated
seemingly endlessly
in my life to see,
but not save
love, but not keep
but not reap,
the fruits of love

The nights, the same,
an A for effort,
yet always the same
out with the boys
and just a few drinks,
but always more
- too much
more of the same
ole ball 'n' chain
at work for love'll
drive anyone insane

Music played,
bells, chapels, birds,
whatever; it was,
it's over now
I never tried
so hard, or
wished so much,
and begged, even
more, for one more
favor for us

The world,
the spirit,
the mind, his only way
her only dynamism
cats and dogs
alive and gone
above and below
it all can only fit,
always and
in every way,
but in no way at all
at peace,
with joy,
or above alone.

Sunday, June 6

I think this is the weirdest one I ever wrote...not sure why, though

Why do I care?

We all learned
good and evil
happy and sad
simple and complex
sane and crazy
why forget what we learned.

Good is the first true side
the side to fight for, or
the side to die for, and
the good is that we yearn.

Evil is the other, always the other
the other choice to ponder
ponder in this way to reach it
it is the evil in us all, always.

Happy is a lost place
A place to settle down
settle down in a state
of only the happy mind's desires.

Sad is the most real
reality exists more in the physical
escape the tangible for this
sad abstract protoconcept that isn't

Simple are the little things inside
Things that are inside everywhere
but to you, no where at all
All of the basic simple cores ain't so thick.

Complex is what we all make it
You stay and fight, and die
but do you ponder ever, settle down
or just the ruler complex everywhere.

Sane finds you on a sunny day
Days, months, decades, or so
Your right hand man in the face of chaos
Always ready to battle the sane another day.

Crazy is all that is left for you
Left you to die alone again here
Again your head sai it was right there
beyond and regualr crazy grasp.

Why forget what we learned
good and evil
happy and sad
simple and cpmplex
sane and crazy
we all learned.

Why do I care!

Saturday, June 5

What's the difference between blue and green?

A cozy place to lean
and a few too many spirits

Yellow and blue could've been made,
yet, green, they did not see.

They were so very afraid
and determined to not be,

They will away change and
challenge coming together.

Neither would communicate
nor just accept any fate.

If they were to never bother,
green, their world may ne'r be,

Lives a lone color,
and dies from a partial color.

And that'd be such a sad land
no green, if yellow and blue fear its life

written by a monkey