Friday, June 11


dreams are a funny thing
They make you think
I can't decide,
but no help will arrive.
All has failed
in thought.

I beg,
I plead,
I need to know!
Do I love him so?
It seems so possible, but I just don't know.
I think I do, but how?
Could it be
that this is so true,
my love for you,
that I can't realize.
I don't know,
It's my only explanation,
I need another,
I think.

Let me dream of fairy tales
in far off lands
and of happy thoughts,
or even war,
but not love.
Inside, more hurt
comes from love.
If I love you
and you die in war,
I die inside.
If I love you
and you are but a fairytale
I die inside.

Love causes such hurt.
Why does it seem so damn great?
What was last night's conversation about?
Did he speak of me, no of course not.
But why do I still think so?
Because I do!

What about the other,
no, I'm not over him.
Or is that the cause,
my ignoring him,
and looking to another.
But why him, he's taken.
I can't,
I must forget it.

Please never let me
dream a dream of love.
I want to dream
of a happy place,
without love.
Lovers may be happy,
but not forever.
So for my for ever,
let me dream away.
Away I fly to a happy time,
in a happy place,
with happy people.

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