Sunday, June 13

bet you can't guess the title (I know I can't)

He gives pleasure, when she allows
He goes as he pleases, with and without her
She gives trust and lust, a must

She goes above and beyond
just for fun, also below
the belt, even around the eyes
she will as she must, rather as

He makes it so required, or
needed for him, she'd do
Right now, never right
Good, but never great
Intense but never enlivening
Fucking amazing, but never love

And in the end, it's all we need
but we'll never have enough,
or maybe it's too damn much
I can never seem to tell which

He decided his fate, set in stone
She saw a slight glimpse, a sign
From a sign, a signal, but only
if he thinks and she thinks
and she drinks as he drinks

The world must always have
both to be balanced, at peace
her joy could be, but his'd never
She'd tried until she died
He'd have a head full of lies
The world won't watch while we wait.

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