Sunday, November 27

more movings

I should update this site more, then you might actually think I have an interesting life.

Today tale: I've moved again. No, I didn't just repost, again... I moved another hour away from the old homestead.

It was odd traveling home for Thanksgiving this year, to my dad's... I've never driven so far before. I'm a full three hours away, and yes, it's too far for me, but at least it's not half a world away -- just a day's journey.

The new place is practically perfect in every way. It's an old log cabin on the edge of the city. It actually gives a good meaning to the term: quaint. I'm not sure if I or my aminals are more satisfied with it.

My first journey exploring the property found my fave ol friend, Poison Ivy. I'm covered in it, as usual. This is the fifth time, just this year. You would think I'd have developed an immunity to it by now... it's just not fair.

Half of my stuff is now unpacked, so I almost feel at home... but I'll continue to settle in nicely. It's way more space than I've had in a LONG time, so it's nice to spread out and even consider buying new furniture to fill it.

I apologize for the lack of updates on this site, but I do intend to catch up soon, very soon. If you've been paying close attention, you may have noticed a few minor changes... mostly additions. There must be a few dozen dead links here -- that's at the top of my list to sort and delete.

I haven't written any poetry in so long I'm beginning to think I have a permanent case of writer's block, but that's ok. I always write the best stuff when I'm low... and the fact that I can't write jack just reaffirms that I am in quite the opposite state at the moment.

The Flapper Follies business gets closer to existance everyday, it's so exciting. I think I am going to let the business take over my life for awhile... in other words, I'm not going back to school just yet. There's been talk of making a documentary film of the making of this business -- another item for which I am overjoyed. The forums attached to FF are still a bit slow to start, but steady enough. I don't expect that to get busy until the doors actually open.

Let's see, what else, what else... My mother is still insane, moreso than ever. My brother is enjoying his first semester at college and considering becoming an accountant. I haven't started my xmas shopping, nor do I plan to before xmas eve.

Wednesday, July 13

I live. I moved, again. Long story, later.

Wednesday, March 2

obligatory post

I am alive. I am still sick. I'm online much less. I'm sure I have something interesting to say, but not right now. Thanks for reading, more later.