Sunday, June 18


So, as usual it's been too long since I last saw TFM. It was well worth the 2 & 1/2 hour drive. As tired as I was from working all week, I couldn't help but dance. You know what really warms my heart every time I see TFM play... it's not just the passion Jeff Holmes belts out in every note or that smooth refreshing quality in Scott Evans back-up vocals or extra levels Andra Moran and Chris C0ttros mesh together or the power behind Steve Ebe (Animal - from the muppets as I like to think of him). It's the fans... and that everyone in the venue seem to know (just about) all the words to every song (except maybe a few of the new ones).

It always blows my mind at what a strong fan base TFM have... yet still they not enough to make TFM the (infamous) rock idols they deserve to be. That's one thing I (kinda) secretly hope that the Flapper Follies business can help do for them... I can't imagine a more perfect setting that a place that would offer 'house band' status to them (should they accept is another issue, of course). Flapper Follies is preparing to do a sneak preview night... perhaps on New Year's eve. I can't imagine anything more perfect than having TFM kick it off.