Tuesday, August 26

To party or to vacation?... Both is the answer!

Wow, so much has happened in the past few weeks, and it's not about to slow down. I visited my aunt Ceci (and Uncle John, and Ryan) for the first time in years. We spent every evening in the (cool) hot tub, and our days doing a tourist's duty to the 'hot' downtown area (Dollywood and the malls mainly).

It was so much fun, until Robert's car had trouble. I think the car (and it's decision for the air conditioner to quit working) was just the cutest bit of roadside service (i.e. annoyance) with which I've ever been involved. We successfully got home, but not without being greasy and sweaty, and broke.

However, I think I've gotten the most pleasure from simply having time to work around my home (notice, not house). The more I do the more it feels like me. It feels so good to be home, settled - after moving over 20 times in my relatively short life.

Then, Lanora and I had a Tori party. Although some were a few too many sheets to the wind, most had a good time. However, we must have a ton of food left, so if you're hungry (and know where I live), please come over (soon!!!).

Anyway, school started yesterday. I've got 18 hours, and I'm working 30+ hours, and I''m gonna D.J. a few hours a week, and I am to shadow someone working in my career area - documentary film making. That might be it, oh yeah tutoring...

...and then...

Saturday, August 9

DSL + kittens =

Well, I've let another month slip by...I've only got 2 weeks until school starts - bummer. Anyway, life's o.k. I've been working (cleaning mostly) around the house. It's so neat to have a house...to know that the improvements that I make are mine.

I do however have a minor problem, room mates - they've all left. It's just me a Lanora. With all this space, we can think of only one thing to do ... get a room mate? Nah!...throw some parties.

It's time to make this house feel like a home, ours. Any way there's still 6 of those kittens.

I've upgraded from cable to DSL, for the internet. I'm thinking of doing the same with the regular cable...satelite, mmmh? Anyway ...