Saturday, August 9

DSL + kittens =

Well, I've let another month slip by...I've only got 2 weeks until school starts - bummer. Anyway, life's o.k. I've been working (cleaning mostly) around the house. It's so neat to have a know that the improvements that I make are mine.

I do however have a minor problem, room mates - they've all left. It's just me a Lanora. With all this space, we can think of only one thing to do ... get a room mate? Nah!...throw some parties.

It's time to make this house feel like a home, ours. Any way there's still 6 of those kittens.

I've upgraded from cable to DSL, for the internet. I'm thinking of doing the same with the regular cable...satelite, mmmh? Anyway ...

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