Tuesday, May 27

a prequel to god's pen

What if you really could capture a spirit on film? Now, of course I'm gonna have to take each word one by one, but first, let's think about that whole phrase. I mean what if! Wow, man, what if!

Anyway, my knowledge of this phrase originates with a native/indian superstition that must have roots somewhere. It'd be an interesting study for someone with a lot more free time than me. I guess I should also say that I always understood the idea to mean a live human spirit somehow being captured, but what then - did the body live on without it, or did the soul never get the pleasure of passing-on after death.

So, back to those individual words from this what-if statement. First I'll imagine (instead of the word 'you') I 'really could' chose to do such a thing to someone. I don't imagine that this is intended, that capturing a spirit was never the intention, but it's the consequences that are more valid here. It doesn't seem real that I could control another being in such a way; but in a way that's just every day life - manuvering others into my way of thinking, doing, or otherwise. Anyway, next words...I think we're up to 'spirit'. And what is that really. I thought I understood it, but not as something that could be removed by such a simple thing as film. Infact, I thought of spirit as the furthest thing from image as possible. The thing that always bothered me about Dante's Inferno or the journey into the underworld of The Odyssey was that they recognize all of the spirit faces. Well, that just seems impossible, I mean to do so in a purely visual way. 'Film', the next word, only captures an image, not a spirit, a soul, a ghost, whatever. Next, let's take film to a new level. The spirit capture idea originated with simple box+light technology; today's film is far more sophisitcated. I'd be more worried about today's methods of film capturing a sacred image than oldschool photography.

Except for a couple of articles, I think I've covered all the words, and then...I can move-on. On to the purpose for which I began this Blog: Ghost film. Well, I've said I wanted to film truth and documentary - what more captures this idea? Now, with all the previous postulation in mind, you can only imagine the possiblities. What if (there's those words again) I could actually capture ghosts on film? I mean for real though. You know, like Ghostbusters, but without all of Egon's mumbo jumbo, with simple editing, lighting, and I guess lots and lots of stock footage. The story would begin with research, mine, of a ghost story. Then, after I had amassed a satisfactory (version of the objective) truth, I could begin filming. I could begin telling the story, as it should have been done long ago. I know, I know, it's sounds really hoaxy, but go with it - that's what makes free association and imagination so great. Anyway, the next part of the tale entails the spirit in question. The 'what if' in the here-after for which we're now after. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one - say it 10 times fast I dare ya. Most spirits that chose to hang around seem to have a purpose, even it's merely unrest and'or the inability to leave. This proposed film, this documentary, this story should only exist in order to serve the purpose of the non-corpereal, not the corporeal. Anyway, priorities aligned and purpose in mind, a ghost, rather than be captured per se, maybe, could finally be set free. Imagine if all the sins of the past really could be remedied; All the negative energy turned into good; and all those tortured spirits could have their now justified fifteen minutes of fame. Wow, what if?! Maybe, someday...if it still seems like a good idea at the time. And I can find the ghosts...or maybe they'll just find me. Anyway, good night, buena noche, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Monday, May 26

blah, blah, blah

Well, it's another day. The world and I survived. I'm not, however, so sure about my web site. It seems to be experiencing more technical difficulties than not, but I guess that's just due to my inexperience. A few more days (weeks, more likely) and then maybe, I'll have worked out all the bugs.

Thinking of exterminators, we could've used one today. We had, as Dr. Suess would oh-so-happily say, a mouse in the house. Of course, with 4 cats, you know it was long-since dead by the time I found it this morning - and what a pleasant surprise to go with Cheerios. And no, they're not my cats! That's what room mates are for... and now back to wondering what web sites are for... bugs, cats, mates, sites, oh my.

Anyway, good luck if you can get here, and better luck if you get the links to work. Maybe some day, I'll even let you make a comment - if you're lucky? - are ya feelin' lucky, punk?

Please be sure to check back later when, unlike me, my site has become more well-adjusted.

Sunday, May 25

numero uno

This is the first, so I guess it should be the worst.
Then, I can only get better from here, right?
Aside from home work, I really have nothing to complain about.
Aside from seeing Identity, life has had nothing of terrible interest recently.
Pero, asi` es la vida!