Tuesday, November 25

(spawn to the previous poem)

My love for you is like a tree
when we first met you planted a seed
now my blossums are ready to burst free
because you've finally given me just what I need

The feeling I kept inside grew strong and spread
now what I feel can not be stopped
because of those 3 words that you finally said
now my desires, with whipped cream, will be topped

The bottom of my heart is deep and warm
my arms reach out far and wide to you
what I feel for you is way beyond the norm
but I want to do everything else too

You are my sunshine, my water, my air
without you I'd never survive
I yearn for you to run you fingers through my hair
when you're near you make me feel alive

You bring out the essence of beauty in me
You watch me all year round
and love every move I make, no matter what it may be
It's in your arms, the true me can be found

(This one led to that first poem...I liked it better, but we can't ever forget our inspirations.)

perfect world

It was a perfect year
all the normal elements
summer, winter, spring, and fall
rain, snow, sleet, and sun

The flowers bloomed and left
The skies dried then wept
beauty came and went

Love seemed heaven sent
joy and pain were hand in hand
hate and peace mingled as one
children did it all, adults only attempted fun

The grasses grew strong, but mild
visicious animals roamed in the wild
The days are long then short
seems every human must attend a court
disarguments in land and air
as simple as a boy cutting a girl's hair

It's always the same
though at times we create a different name
but we take it all in stride
It's getting worse every day
but we won't change, I'm sad to say

Just be true to your nature and soul
don't worry about how the worlds unfold

Thursday, November 20

yeah, ok...

You are Lobo.
Lobo is an alien humanoid being from the planet
Czarnia. Born in the Earth year 1599, Lobo is
6'4", 250 pounds, with red eyes and black
hair. Lobo is the last surviving member of his
race, because he killed almost every other
Czarnian on a whim one day. Lobo's favorite
color is Sepucher Black. He is a man of his
word, who would rather kill the promisee than
renege. He also loathes the following: square
jaws, goody-goodies, democracy, flags, the
philosophy that Good will always triumph over
Evil, short hair, brown shoes, Equality for
Women, Equality for Men, basic rights, and most
everything else that is commonly considered

What Gritty No Nonsense Comic Book Character are You?
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America is all around me
but that's not the only place I want to be
to be a patriot it must be inside my heart
I want it like this 'cause it's how I'll play my part

I want to kiss you and never stop
If you won't let me, I'll never get on top
I want to hold you tight
Forever and ever, especially late at night

From sea to shining sea
It's for you, I''d get down on one knee
from east to west, and left to right
at the end of every tunnel, you are my light

I wish for world peace,
but it's here with you war must cease
Let's rid pollution in air, water, and land
'cause all I wanna do is just hold your hand

You are the world to me
When I think if you, it's then that I can truly see
the dream you've made come true
The dream I have of me and you

You made my blood run cold and hot
but it doesn't matter, especially if I'd smoke pot
It's you I' always devote my undying love
because you fit me like a glove

I wanna roam free
on mountains, through valleys, in every tree
I'll fight for you in any kind of danger
I stand up whenever someone has caused you anger

I'm proud to be an American
because you are my one and only true human
I'm yours to have and to hold,
even when you're millions of years old

I'll stand by your side
and love you with pride.
When I wonder what it is I plan to do
I see the birds, hum the bees, buzz, and the cows, moo

I'll never commit treason
so don't give me reason
I'll never leave the United States
even though it's you who hesitates

If you ever left, I'd become a nun
So please, please don't take away my fun
I want to plant a tree, build a home, and live forever
on your vital soil, figure that out if your so clever.

....This all used to mean something. (Now it just sounds kinda mixed up)

Wednesday, November 19

The Rips Just Keep-on Comin'...

I am a Man
She was a girl
so full of strange

I walked in the room
saw her by the window
one brief glance
and I thought
she wanted to jump

I made my way to her side
even if I couldn't stop her
I still wanted to see her fall
what a great story
for the grandkids

As I got closer
I saw why
she was leaning out
pure essence
of beauty, life, love,
peace and happiness
all blurred into one

It made me want
to jump as well
just to reach out into that
to be there seemed
the ultimate euphoria
I had to touch it,
hold it, smell it just once

"Hello" invaded this world
I noticed I was on the verge
of falling out
I came back
to both flat ground and
reality, as I replied
"Nice view" she said
I agreed
and we both turned
back to look again

She wasn't so strange after all
but I'm still just a man

Tuesday, November 18

Another old untitled song rip...

And he came to a door
and he looked inside
to his mild surprise
what did he see,
but a glass pitcher
with a reflection of me
he turned ever so quickly
but too late to see
the vision for which
he had hoped and prayed
she just wasn't there

She couldn't have stayed
it was yet another
fantasy which his
mind had made
he cried at night
though it was more in fright
and terror
not for the loss of his lover

When she said she must leave
he just couldn't believe
he argued and reasoned,
she just walked out the door
so much for that special season
she left behind a photograph
and a diamond ring
she just couldn't take it anymore

Though he loved her
with all his heart
as did she
things were so bad,
she didn't know where to start
the lying and fighting
the crying and betrayal
just never seemed to end
there was no flower to send
no broken heart to mend
it was over the love was lost
as though the trash
had been tossed
he wasn't ready
and neither was she
she knew and so did he
but to admit it had always been
a travesty

She did
he didn't like it
he swore he'd change
no more skanky friends over
looking as though they had mange
he'd house break Rover
he'd never lie
and never drink
all he wanted to do was talk
and think

It's too late
we must move on
why and why and why
I hate you so much
even your toenails stink
It's for the best
I promise, I think
good-by and don't worry

Out this door she went
he yelled I'm sorry
too late
no more
he started to follow after
then deep in his soul
came a howling laughter
he was scared
of demons or Satan
but realized that
with this girl he
should not be matin'
He'd be o.k.
at that point he knew
though today
he's still oh-so-blue
comes home everyday
with a hope of a dream
that things will return
to that way
with her in his arms

But she's not
and he'll be o.k.
just as soon as these
damn feelings go away
he still hurts inside
even thought of turning gay
but tonight he's got a date
with a fine young Philly
who'll just do it to him again
but for now, that's alright
no matter how silly
he likes his sin
even if he doesn't every night
time is healing

But so is that sexual feeling
he's happy
or will be soon
and that's all that matters
let the day come
when something else matters,
he tries to think
but the message just isn't
getting through
to deep inside
for now he'll just keep on
looking inside
that door he sees
'cause that's how it works
no special quirks he'll go on
and so will she
It's the way it has to be

Monday, November 17

Yet another tasteless quiz...

I am Diarrhea .

Diarrhea's are by far the most humorous of all the shits going for the big laugh at all costs. From fart jokes to slapstick humor Diarrhea's are know for pulling out the stops when it comes to shits and giggles... though Diarrhea's do have their down sides.. And like the sad clowns they are, Diarrhea's are actually dying inside and prone to suicide and even murder...
What Kinda Shit Are You?

Friday, November 14

Not straight-edge, hmmm....

hardcore drinker
OcCasIoNaL DrInKeR.... you drink when the time is
right, when you need a boost, or when the
alcohol is free. you never crave it, or depend
on it and you are smart when you drink... you
are the perfect medium

:: how much of an alcoholic are you? ::
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...anyway, my shelf is just a little bigger.

Wednesday, November 12

Now, that's the kinda surprise I like:


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Now it makes sense....that must be why my dad always called me a monkey!

Thursday, November 6


There's technically 24 hours left until I'm 27 (10:15 pm ~11/07/76). In Carlin homage, I'd have to say: 'so far, it's the oldest I've been.' And I mean that, really. It doesn't feel too much more significant than that -- and that's o.k.. It's a good age still...I don't feel old, yet. The celebration began early with dinner(Chinese) and shopping and cake (ginger with butterscotch)....followed by lots of burp...ing. And later I think we're gonna play some Euchre. So far a pretty good pre-birthday...And I'm sure the rest will be just as well. !Espere feliz cumplean~os!

Wednesday, November 5

"I'm an asshole (probably male!)"

YOU ASSHOLE!! Congratulations, you are an ASSHOLE!
Probably male, you make a spectacle of yourself
wherever you go and probably annoy more people
than you delight. On the bright side, you have
some degree of self-awareness and probably
don't lie about it.

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Tuesday, November 4

O.K., I did that on purpose

You asked for my opinion when you clicked on my blog...so, here it goes....

Here's the best of all, forum, that is. Those others are fine and dandy, and I'll remaind dedicated, but there is one, one so great I dare not compare it. It merits a post all it's own. The most welcome bunch of wackos I 've found, aptly named ..... E-Psychoman. I thought it was a chatboard for Psyc students -- silly me (or would that be crazy, I always forget).

Anyway for what it's worth, there it is: the cream of the crop! So if you do just one forum, make it this one...call it what you will....but do post until you get your fill!

This one's dedicated to Tommy, the RTB, IHOP, EHOWA, and those funny tasting vegans

I'm a Humor Poster!

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....and for the forum illiterate that dedication again: Tommy, the RTB, IHOP, EHOWA, and those funny tastin' vegans ...it's all good!

Monday, November 3

well, at least I'm not bush...

You're Colin!
You are Colin Powell! You're the odd duck of
the Bush White House - the reasonable diplomat.
Every administration's got one!

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