Thursday, November 20


America is all around me
but that's not the only place I want to be
to be a patriot it must be inside my heart
I want it like this 'cause it's how I'll play my part

I want to kiss you and never stop
If you won't let me, I'll never get on top
I want to hold you tight
Forever and ever, especially late at night

From sea to shining sea
It's for you, I''d get down on one knee
from east to west, and left to right
at the end of every tunnel, you are my light

I wish for world peace,
but it's here with you war must cease
Let's rid pollution in air, water, and land
'cause all I wanna do is just hold your hand

You are the world to me
When I think if you, it's then that I can truly see
the dream you've made come true
The dream I have of me and you

You made my blood run cold and hot
but it doesn't matter, especially if I'd smoke pot
It's you I' always devote my undying love
because you fit me like a glove

I wanna roam free
on mountains, through valleys, in every tree
I'll fight for you in any kind of danger
I stand up whenever someone has caused you anger

I'm proud to be an American
because you are my one and only true human
I'm yours to have and to hold,
even when you're millions of years old

I'll stand by your side
and love you with pride.
When I wonder what it is I plan to do
I see the birds, hum the bees, buzz, and the cows, moo

I'll never commit treason
so don't give me reason
I'll never leave the United States
even though it's you who hesitates

If you ever left, I'd become a nun
So please, please don't take away my fun
I want to plant a tree, build a home, and live forever
on your vital soil, figure that out if your so clever.

....This all used to mean something. (Now it just sounds kinda mixed up)

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