Wednesday, November 19

The Rips Just Keep-on Comin'...

I am a Man
She was a girl
so full of strange

I walked in the room
saw her by the window
one brief glance
and I thought
she wanted to jump

I made my way to her side
even if I couldn't stop her
I still wanted to see her fall
what a great story
for the grandkids

As I got closer
I saw why
she was leaning out
pure essence
of beauty, life, love,
peace and happiness
all blurred into one

It made me want
to jump as well
just to reach out into that
to be there seemed
the ultimate euphoria
I had to touch it,
hold it, smell it just once

"Hello" invaded this world
I noticed I was on the verge
of falling out
I came back
to both flat ground and
reality, as I replied
"Nice view" she said
I agreed
and we both turned
back to look again

She wasn't so strange after all
but I'm still just a man

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