Thursday, November 20

yeah, ok...

You are Lobo.
Lobo is an alien humanoid being from the planet
Czarnia. Born in the Earth year 1599, Lobo is
6'4", 250 pounds, with red eyes and black
hair. Lobo is the last surviving member of his
race, because he killed almost every other
Czarnian on a whim one day. Lobo's favorite
color is Sepucher Black. He is a man of his
word, who would rather kill the promisee than
renege. He also loathes the following: square
jaws, goody-goodies, democracy, flags, the
philosophy that Good will always triumph over
Evil, short hair, brown shoes, Equality for
Women, Equality for Men, basic rights, and most
everything else that is commonly considered

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