Wednesday, August 5


They can have their little feckin' apostrophe ... lowe's

but I am certainly not freakin' capitalizing them... Lowe's

and, I far'gain dare ya to even just ask me to use their proper fuh-reakin' name...

Lowe's Home Improvement Stores

so, don't even flipping consider fackin' mentioning their official f'ing name in my company...

Lowe's Companies, Inc.

I don't even know where to start.
But, I will say: dogs.
Fuckin' eh, I like daigs.


Saturday, August 1

gots mad skillz

So, I have some new skills I can add to my resume, now. Though, I am not sure that these are items I particularly desired to have on my resume in the first place... but, I am sure it will come in handy, sometime, right.

Here goes: Painting (Interior, only, so far), Cement / Mortar (it's like clay - art therapy - without all the Patrick Swayzeick), Various Texture Applications (now that just sounds like a fine sextoy accessory), Electrical (never in the attic...never, I say, never), Bondo (I think I actually like racing the clock with this... I don't know why I was always so intimidated by it before), general Construction / Demolition (is that, really a skill? - demolition, man, that would be fun to list on your taxes, I suppose), and [I may be adding] Ceramic Tile [to that list] (but I hope not)... [among other things].

FYI: Thus far, I have successfully avoided all plumbing and cabinetry... I wonder where I'd add that to a resume. It feels like a skill / category: avoidance ... PS?

I think I will leave this last one off the resume, but it has become quite a mastered skill... and in a fairly short time. Experience levels really help with that, with the constant contact... it just becomes like a second nature. Born again nature? Blessed nature. At least that what they always say.

Skill: Crackhead Grounds Maintenance (it sounds only marginally better than calling it yardtrash)

Did I mention? No, t.v. Well, if you don't count NCIS reruns ... and old Fawlty Towers episodes on the laptop... that is, of course, no real, live t.v. atm.

And that, my friends is it...

D day:

D - 51

and counting...