Tuesday, November 25

(spawn to the previous poem)

My love for you is like a tree
when we first met you planted a seed
now my blossums are ready to burst free
because you've finally given me just what I need

The feeling I kept inside grew strong and spread
now what I feel can not be stopped
because of those 3 words that you finally said
now my desires, with whipped cream, will be topped

The bottom of my heart is deep and warm
my arms reach out far and wide to you
what I feel for you is way beyond the norm
but I want to do everything else too

You are my sunshine, my water, my air
without you I'd never survive
I yearn for you to run you fingers through my hair
when you're near you make me feel alive

You bring out the essence of beauty in me
You watch me all year round
and love every move I make, no matter what it may be
It's in your arms, the true me can be found

(This one led to that first poem...I liked it better, but we can't ever forget our inspirations.)

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