Monday, May 26

blah, blah, blah

Well, it's another day. The world and I survived. I'm not, however, so sure about my web site. It seems to be experiencing more technical difficulties than not, but I guess that's just due to my inexperience. A few more days (weeks, more likely) and then maybe, I'll have worked out all the bugs.

Thinking of exterminators, we could've used one today. We had, as Dr. Suess would oh-so-happily say, a mouse in the house. Of course, with 4 cats, you know it was long-since dead by the time I found it this morning - and what a pleasant surprise to go with Cheerios. And no, they're not my cats! That's what room mates are for... and now back to wondering what web sites are for... bugs, cats, mates, sites, oh my.

Anyway, good luck if you can get here, and better luck if you get the links to work. Maybe some day, I'll even let you make a comment - if you're lucky? - are ya feelin' lucky, punk?

Please be sure to check back later when, unlike me, my site has become more well-adjusted.

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