Friday, July 11

Pirate's'll Save me

ok, that's what finals are like - 3 weeks of being lost and buried. I broke an old record: sleep, or the lack thereof. My past record was three days without sleep, and I covered that with five full days without it. My long term record was for a 2 week period, a total of 53 hours: my new record is 48hours. That is, I only slept for almost 48 hours total, over the course of 2weeks. That's a average of less than 3.5hours per night. Based on the optimal 8 hour sleep pattern, you could say I added over 63hours to my 2weeks.
After the first 3 days, it became much easier. The downside is that towards the end, I became delusional. More than usual, even. I almost could not control day dreams. They overwhelmed my waking senses - I think that was scariest while driving.
Now I know what you wondering - is it worth it? Well, all my grades aren't in yet, but I'm confident that I might have failed a class without all of that extra time. There's not many things that I'll sacrifice sleep for, but ETSU is certainly a valid priority - for me, anyway.
Now, movies: Pirates of the Carribbean and 28 days later... Both were excellent. Two of the best films I've seen in a long time. Take the kids to see a laughable - drunk Johnny Depp pirate character. And for those who like dystopian or horror flicks, 28days does not disappoint.

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