Wednesday, June 18

God's Pen ... the original (neither a prequel or a sequel)

Wow, it's been awhile, again. Anyway, I've been busy. I quit Blockbuster on Friday. On Saturday, I went out of town to see Cyn. Sunday, except for the wait at Ruby Tuesday's, was a great father's day. On Monday and Tuesday, back to class. On Thursady, I have a midterm, so I can't blog long...but here goes...

Today's subject: acronyms. I'm always using them, especially for remembering psychological jargon. The other day, I came across an acronym when I wasn't even looking. Before, you call me crazy, just listen. I was soul - searching for what really mattered to me. I remembered some things that I had forgotten and I appreciated some of the things I have, more.

Anyway, the acronym: GOD'S PEN. First, ghost. My first dream career was parapsychology. I guess I forgot becuase it seemd so unreal, but now it seems wrong to forget. The next letter is for oral (that's history and communication, not personal) Then there's the 'd' for documentary. I know I love all film, but the genre I want to make is definately documentary. The 's' should be obvious, Spanish. That's the background I want for my film. I prefer their film-making style by far to Hollywodd, and even to Hong Kong. Then, we get to the fun part. I wanna take these ghost stories, of old Hispanic areas, and try to help. If you believe in spirits, read on...I think that I can help find and fix ghost world drama. I know I'm no psychologist, but I have to try. And this feels so right. So from, 'p' to 'e', I'll add english to my spanish. I want to do my own translation, so that no meaning is lost - and that includes subtitles and/or dubbing. Then, to bring it all together, the final letter: 'n'. That's for narration. My voice seems to enjoy being heard - what better way (except for radio) than film is there to preserve it.

I'm not going fully Mulder and Scully, but I must admit I enjoyed their truthful/rational search into the unknown. I may have narrowed my field, and have different motives, but the goal is always understanding - for myself as well as everyone else.

Think what you will, and so will I

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