Friday, June 6

Camping Class

Wow, what a sorry lapse. I've been busy, o.k...anyway...since last time, I've finished one summer session and began another. Also I camped outside, for the first time, since puberty this week. I got to hike somewhere new, and get more poison ivy than perhaps ever in mmy life, and all at one time, lucky me. The other big note would have to be the kittens, my room mates' cat had 7 (5 orange tigers, one black w/ a little white, and only one that looks like the mother - a calico stripe) kittens.

Now, details: I finished Speech: Family Communication; A+. Although I'd recommend this class to anyone, in any kind of family situation, My brother (Robert) and Rex (if you have to ask you'll never know) may have a different opinion. As my classmates can attest, our families have suffered through this recent 'learning experience'. Even my room mates seem weary of the subject matter. I guess the main message I took from class was that there is no such thing as a normal family - you just gotta work with what you got. You can add and delete along the way, but it's always gonna be work, conflict, and communication. Someday, maybe we'll all learn to just deal and move-on, but for now, I'll keep learning.

The next classes are History: of the Early Church and Jesus. I've only had a few days, but it all makes so much more sense now. History really is good for something - it helps us understand religion. There's gotta be some irony in there, somewhere. I don't think I could ever be satisfied with one single religion for myself, at least until I've tested/tasted all of them. But in my search outward to religions, I've become increasingly aware at my lack of knowledge with what 'should' be my own. So I think this class'll serve to remind me of just who J.C. is. And yes, that was a purposeful reference to my present hero, Jackie Chan, the modern J.C., for me, anyway. Also, you know when people faux-cough in order to say bull shit, well the 'teach' says 'Baptist' instead. I think he's lucky that most of the students haven't caught on to it, yet.

The other class is Speech: Intrapersonal Communication. Oh, is this intense. For layman, 'Intra' connotates those conversations that we have in our head. Or perhaps, thoughts could be a better word, better yet, simply, communication with only one person, ourselves. The main thing this class will require is that I pay attention, become aware of every thing, especially my dreams. As I strive to be aware of everything, these images are key in understanding. Unfortunately, my 'teach' has already dissed Freud, so I'm not sure we'll see eye to eye, but there's nothing wrong with strenthening my opinions. Also, we must do the daily diary thing. Hey, maybe you'll benefit: if I ramble more to 'teach' over the next month, my columns to you may be more thought out, maybe.

Now, hiking and camping: Clark's Creek (Cherokee area). We stayed Tuesday evening for dinner around a campfire (we= me, Cyn, Mat, and Robert). Wednesday, we awoke with Dawn and made breakfast. Those were the best damn scrammbled eggs that I've ever had. Then we (oh, I forgot the dogs: Keira, Marley, and Moira) hiked towards Buckeye Falls. Mat was the fearless leader, that seemed to have to walk waaay ahead of us. I admit I'm not always the most attentive, especially when I've had a beer, or so, but I sware I do not remeber him saying anything about a 7/8 mile hike. In other words, after merely four hours of hard hiking, we had reached half way (just halfway!), and Cyn suggested we retire. I and Robert soon agreed, because it was lunch time and we were hungry (not to mention fucking exhausted). Had I known we wouldn't be back until dark, I woulda brought lunch (not to mention walked a little more slowly). Anyway, we got to see some neat stuff. That does not include the vegetation made up almost solely of poison ivy, but it does include the myriad of salamanders, horses, butterflys, (small) waterfalls, and perhaps 3 of the happiest dogs I've ever seen. It made me wonder if they (dogs) realized how much their muscles hurt, or rather if they'd gone on until they collapsed. I'd bet the later. Anyway, afterwards (Wednesday night) I came home and read all about our trail in my little hikers-guide book. 7 miles, my ass: 10, maybe. Now, I'm even more glad we came back. However, I am glad we tried, and I can't wait to go back and finish it...just as soon as I find a sure-fire poison Ivy preventer...Any suggestions?

Well, I guess that's about it, except for the new 7. I don't have pictures now, but we did video tape the birth. So if I gain some computer savvy, maybe you'll get to see it too. Ah, recently viewed movies: 'Formula 51' - great movie, perhaps not a pfilm; 'About Schmit' - long, but worth it; 'Rosemary's Baby' - just checking, still not scary, though still eerie, and a bit suspenful; 'The Watchers' - I know it scared me as a kid, but now it scares me, as a film student - skip it even if it's for free; 'King Arthur' - (Robert's first) a high school production, where the only thing more noticable than the intricate cosutmes, detail, and film work, are the hightops...and perhaps the football game in the back ground, but it's still hilarious.

Ta - Ta for now

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