Tuesday, June 10

School...work...what's new...

It's a new week, and thanks to the spice of life, everything has changed (a bit) again. I love it when just about every damn thing is refreshing. I caught up on most of my homework for J.C. and Intra, but Monday was as jam-packed with work as the whole weekend. But it's o.k., almost all of my summer deadlines are flexible, it's pretty limber until July - then I'm free, from ETSU for a whole 7 weeks. Everyday closer just makes me that much happier - I'm so burnt out on books and papers and tests and everyday and then...

But for now, Intrapersonal Communication is full of self-awareness tests - perceptions, illusions, opinions, values, etc. It's fun, but challenging. I'm just lost in J.C. world, but I'm getting better.

Anyway, I guess the biggest news is that I've given up the job hunt. As you may (or may not) know, I've been avidly searching for a (preferably Spanish) major related job (like an internship or even tutoring), but to no avail. As I must always have a safety net, I also applied to Blockbuster. Oddly enough it took them 2 whole weeks to call me, but I think my application is still lost. I'd have to thank Lanora for that one. Of course, now, how will we ever handle 10 free rentals per week? Anyway, new job, more homework, and still scratching, so ta ta, for now, movies to watch and all.

Oh yeah, and the really interesting news. I ran into Pat Cronin, at Blockbuster (almost made me late on my first day), but we discussed a documentary possibility, and including intership credits. He said I just needed to bring him a script, which I still need to get back from another teacher (yes, my hispanic documentary script).

So, I think that fully covers most of today's excitement, buena noche.

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