Sunday, June 18


So, as usual it's been too long since I last saw TFM. It was well worth the 2 & 1/2 hour drive. As tired as I was from working all week, I couldn't help but dance. You know what really warms my heart every time I see TFM play... it's not just the passion Jeff Holmes belts out in every note or that smooth refreshing quality in Scott Evans back-up vocals or extra levels Andra Moran and Chris C0ttros mesh together or the power behind Steve Ebe (Animal - from the muppets as I like to think of him). It's the fans... and that everyone in the venue seem to know (just about) all the words to every song (except maybe a few of the new ones).

It always blows my mind at what a strong fan base TFM have... yet still they not enough to make TFM the (infamous) rock idols they deserve to be. That's one thing I (kinda) secretly hope that the Flapper Follies business can help do for them... I can't imagine a more perfect setting that a place that would offer 'house band' status to them (should they accept is another issue, of course). Flapper Follies is preparing to do a sneak preview night... perhaps on New Year's eve. I can't imagine anything more perfect than having TFM kick it off.


TORTUGA! said...

Thanx for introducing me to TFM all those years's damn fine music. Hope all is well with you and that Flapper Follies is working out. Anyway, drop me a lne sometime...

I've finally achieved some true level of

Anonymous said...

I miss you.