Monday, June 14

So, I posted this before....I still love it

It was a perfect year
all the normal elements
summer, winter, spring, and fall
rain, snow, sleet, and sun

The flowers bloomed and left
The skies dried then wept
Beauty came and went
Love seemed heaven sent

Joy and pain were hand in hand
hate and deception grew in every man
war and peace mingled as one
children did it all, adults only attempted fun

The grasses grew strong, but mild
vicious animals roamed in the wild
the days are long then short
seems every human must attend a court
Disarguments in land and air
as simple as a boy cutting a girl's hair

It's always the same
though at times we create a different name
But we all take it all in stride
it's getting worse everyday
but we won't change, I'm sad to say
Just be true to your nature and soul
Don't worry about how the words unfold

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