Thursday, October 16


What is it now

We make one
a new one
every time

Everytime it doesn't matter
yet we must do it

Again we're here
in the same position

One we tend into
again and again

Again and again
I'm in there

You're in there
yet we can't
we shall not

For some reason
for some ideal

Some silly song
to soothe the senses
calm the uncomfort

Fill the silence -
though so few

We have so few
and make them all

All of them
one and again
intervene and intrude
in life and in love

Come together
into life
but not into love

Infact life was later
as love was later

Each a year, or so
but both in time now
yet no one checks the clock

The time is now
but the moment's ignored

Ignored before, now, but later

Until when
must we
why must
we must and now

It's too long to wait for
not this, not that
these are exactly what

What we need
we need exact language

The language of us
and why not of us

It's for us to find
so find we must
this pretense - and now

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