Monday, October 6

La Scorpio

So you think you wanna know me? - a Scorpio...Well, here you go:

Strengths: serious, steadfast, sexual
Weaknesses: depressive, worrying, escapist

Here's some advice I should take: Let the sun shine in and the light within you shine out. Don't take things so seriously. Work on leveling out your moods and see how much happiness you can bring to yourself and others. Put your singular insight to productive use. Learn to laugh more at the illusions of the world and also at your self.

likely traits: profundity, depth, kindness (to animals and small kids), giving, intense (if not volcanic), secretive, controlling, not a victim, sexually needy and demanding, sentimental, strongly habitual (behaviors are often lost only to love), fiscally irresponsible, and don't think life is worth living without struggle.

Others like me: Ike Turner, Marie Curie, Roy and Wil Rogers, Hedy Lamarr, Yanni, Sally Field, Bonnie Raitt, and Maria Shriver, and of course, Cro-Mag...among others.

Source: 'The Secret Language of Relationships', Penguin '97

Although I don't want to admit most of this, I guess I must agree.

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