Wednesday, October 8

Poetic passive - aggression

So, What Values Do You Hold Onto?

Is Honesty seen
in the lights
that guide your way
or is it just
a dim light -
flickering in back
of your consciousness.

Perhaps, Friendship, then
It can find you too
on a sunny day playin' in grass
or it can leave you right there
in the same way, a haze of
Hot 'n' bothered and lost -
on your own ass
and definitely all alone, too.

Entertainment is it -
if you use it right
like the humane did
Ages ago we began
and today we still can, and do
weave a story tale
filled with half truths and
silly exaggerations -
ignore the forgotten reality land.

Is Learning how,
that which we want to be,
admirable to dynamically gain and grow,
good to know and think -
right thru mistakes, and
Bathe off wrong, by choosing to be.

How 'bout Respect
Respect your elders
Love Ms. Franklin, and
do unto others as you would them to you,
if not, then expect
at least the worst -
for your clansmen
if not, just your soul alone.

And Faith, sometimes
it disappears, yet
before our very eyes
What if you ever try to find it, now
and it's gone
It was right
where you left it,
but now it's not -
without blind trust how ever do I see you?

Forgiveness is divine
sayth the wise and pious.
One little word
can restore it all -
Dignity, honor, promise, and belief
joy and pain waste away
together without title
in secret lack of communication, and sin.

Patience is a virtue
not too virtuous with you
I have it, or had it
At least I often try to have it
Do I go get it -
so shall I wait and see
What the tendency can deliver unto me

Fears are clutched tightest
when held the closest
Imagination serves only one purpose
intertwining what's real
and what's really not -
concern grows as minds 'n' hands close.

Possessions of the world
or are they yours,
or are they mine,
or are they really anyone's at all.
They will own you
they must have you
they will rule you -
Do you, still, desire such a sucker?

Privacy often is
idle hands, and only
idle minds in a quarter,
of the private chambers of ourselves
wherever we can,
but that can lead
in any way, at all -
or, simply, drive you alone mad.

So, you wanna play Euchre?

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