Saturday, October 11

Ernie's House of Whoop A..

I mean it; I can't get enough of it. It's by far the most animated forum I have ever seen. My friend, Xyon, turned me on to it yesterday. I think I've been back to it almost a dozen times.

It's what sex ed class should have been...It's what presidential debates should be like...And it's what communication was meant for (among other things).

Anyway, you should check it out too. It'd be as good as the Floating Men forum, if only it were free. But it is free to check it out...and, once you get a taste, you'll keep coming back.

If soap opera's had real sex, it might approach the drama within this site. As it stands, I doubt there is anywhere else (legal) that you can have this much fun conversing.

Silly me, I always thought 'forum' was a bad word (politically, that is). Sometimes, it's good to be wrong...and if you're lucky, you just might like it. Give it a try, but don't blame me if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth...

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