Monday, October 27

All the Same One

The ones I know
are all the same
I must know
for whom I search
if he's repeated
seemingly endlessly
in my life to see,
but not save
love, but not keep
but not reap,
the fruits of love

The nights, the same,
an A for effort,
yet always the same
out with the boys
and just a few drinks,
but always more
- too much
more of the same
ole ball 'n' chain
at work for love'll
drive anyone insane

Music played,
bells, chapels, birds,
whatever; it was,
it's over now
I never tried
so hard, or
wished so much,
and begged, even
more, for one more
favor for us

The world,
the spirit,
the mind, his only way
her only dynamism
cats and dogs
alive and gone
above and below
it all can only fit,
always and
in every way,
but in no way at all
at peace,
with joy,
or above alone.

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