Tuesday, October 7

Recent Piece, a Fave

Here's a fun one:

What All We Learned; Why Do I Care

Simple are the little things inside
Things that are inside everywhere
but to you, no where at all
All of the basic simple cores ain't so thick.

Complex is what we all make it
You stay and fight, and die
but do you ponder ever - settle down
or just the ruler complex everywhere?

Sane finds you on a sunny day
Days, months, decades, or so
Your righthandman in the face of chaos
Always ready to battle the sane another day

Crazy is all that is left for you
Left you to die alone again here
Again your head said it was right there
Beyond and regular crazy grasp.

Why forget what we learned
Good and Evil
Happy and Sad
Simple and Complex
Sane and Crazy
We all learned.

Why, I do care!

....it doesn't mean what you first think, I promise. Read it again...before you rant or rave.

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