Thursday, October 9

when they're right, they're right....kinda erie

Your like me! Sorta weird! I know where I wanna be,
but you probably don't wanna be there! Many
places! I'd like to be in Utah, or I'd like to
go To Ireland! Ireland is so fastnating! :o)
I'm Irish, so even more fasinating! ^_^ I hope
this QUIZ didn't bore you to death! See, since
your like me, I'll give you my life story. Okay
I was born and rasied in a small town. Moved to
another small town! That is where I am now!
Then I was only four and now about thirteen. So
I have many crushes! And a few have rejected
me! :o) Then This year I picked up my new
faiort book of ALL time and read it! Now I'm
obsessed with the main charictor! :o) Life can
be soo short! Back to where you should
live.... You should pick your oun stuff! Do it
YOUR way! : ) ^_^ Rock on! :p! Have faith, the
Lord will guid you in the right direction!

Where should YOU live in the world?
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I was planning on Utah, right after Uruguay. And I am a bit Irish. And I seem fond of moving within circles of small towns. And of course, I always have some kinda faith.

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