Wednesday, October 29

Good news

I keep forgetting to share my good news. I've known for over a week, but failed to mention it here. I have new room-mates, yeah! About a year ago, I got this huge house...for, my friend, Lanora, her boyfriend, J.P., her mpd mom, my brother, and me....I said it was big, didn't I. In fact it may well be the biggest place I've ever lived, but anyway...they all moved out, except Lanora. Well, Robert (the tall guy hugging Gallagher - pic right), never moved in, but that's another long story. So, there's been just 2 of us here, for months. But for my one year anniversary in this house - yes, Halloween! - I will have 2 new room-mates. The best news: they're friends, already. I really didn't want to rent to total strangers, but now we're getting 2 people we not only know, but like. It also means we'll have at least 4 computers in our network - I can't wait: oh, the power, the speed....the total system failure, um, maybe we can just skip that last part. So, ontop of a party Friday, I have a house to re-arrange and people to help move into it. And that which does not kill me makes me stronger, I hope.

Then, I guess there must also be some bad news - all's fair in love and war (and ehowa). I feel worn out at those messageboard/forums. I gave up a long time ago on trying to make people like me, I won't try, or lie anymore. Sometimes the truth hurts, and like I imagine could have affected them with my rants, they've retorted more crudely than I ever imagined. It seems I really can't win. It was the utmost witty/crude rhetoric I've experienced in awhile, and here I thought pissing-people-off was a good thing - at ehowa, anyway. As usual, I gave it my all, and that was way too much. One of these days I'll learn, won't I? Anyway, not today, not for awhile ... What a waste of drama!

So, I've got better things to do...And better people to do them with, like Thomas and Vanessa (the new couple of room-mates)...So, hasta luego ehowa, hasta luego...cuando me repongo - mas fuerte...

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