Sunday, September 28

Poetry for your self, and mine

Individuals, yet?

People can change, but they don't
or rather they won't, shan't
and in another rant - it's vain
or silly and rude, because
we must adapt or fade

Grow or destroy, prosper
in pain with promise and
sorrow - never hope, love, joy
without feeling a toy, raped
by all: the world, man, life

Give and take, but never
take without give, like you
As if you could try to change
I hope, wish, pray, anything
to reach, aspire, change, and

Finally become what we could
We tried together, but in our
own worlds, far apart, and
happy in trial and error, but
Always true and fun, even

When life's blue and dune
The world, life, and lord would
Give 'n give til it's gone 'n dried,
but we give so quick it's silly
and rude, but not uncommon
or lude. Maybe again, or not.

just some more old stuff...

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