Saturday, September 27


Well hell, no real results, yet. There are some more possibilities; which means a few more weeks as a guinea pig...hoping to feel better, if medications work. I have all the old symptoms, except now add, uh, explosive vomiting. I guess it's better than explosive diarrhea. But don't worry, these are just common side-effects of a new medicine.

It sounds like someone k.o.'d by George Foreman : Metaformin. But that one only scratches the surface...add the maximum amount of (calcium) antacid to counteract my favorite side effect. Then, don't forget brain fungus (whether it exists or not, the medication does)...That's singulair [montelukast sodium], doxycycline hyclate [antibiotic], meclizine hcl [antihistimine], and a nasal inhaler. But that's not all for today's medications, oh no. Now add Metamucil (though I'm just gonna throw it back up!), to help that high fiber diet. And for more shits and grins, add Wellbutrin [bupropion hydrochloride] - 'cause I must (and have!) quit (smoking) for good. Then, there's Pyrilamine Maleate, but just for this weekend. Also, I'm alternating (singular) with Clarinex [desloratadine]. Add the occasional Advil and/or Tylenol, and that might be all. But don't forget, that's twice a day, and the doses increase on a few, next week. Also, my diet is now: low salt, high fiber, low sugar, low protein, low carbohydrates. Oh, and the water, dear god, the water! Usually, I think they recommend eight, 8 oz. glasses per day (i.e. 64 oz.). Well, I double that for at least three medications. I'm not sure if I 'm making the 256 oz. per day, but I'm never without a glass of water (my house kinda looks like that movie, Signs ) or far from the bathroom (in any capacity). If I wasn't sick before, I certainly am now - yeah! : medications!

Oddly, some senses seem more attune, than usual. My sense of smell is better than it ever was, ever before I was a smoker. Yet, it only seems to be in tune with bad odors. My sense of touch is uber-sensitive; I feel nerves that I haven't felt since before I broke my arm (not to mention, the itchy-lost-limb-syndrome). My hearing is also sensitive; I can't listen to my thumpin' car stereo (which doesn't really matter 'cause I can't drive anyway). My sense of taste (preference) has returned to it's most finicky state; organic vegetarian - nothing else tastes quite right. My sight's just a little odd. It seems to be as good as ever (if not better), except for the inability to focus, or stare, without quickly loosing concentration. It's so frustrating; this could be hell. I can neither control my mind, or body. Guess I should be glad I've got such strong spiritual hold. I can't say what that is, but I have faith it's strong enough to hold me down. Sometimes, I think I'm just gonna drift away, but something tells me that it's not right, so I can come back. It's the scariest thing, almost as bad as a seizure; I'm too blurry to draw any such fine lines right now.

I don't know if the signs speak of Scully drifting in a pond, aliens, or what, but the answer's out there. I just have to find the right doctor; one who won't guess, but know. Perhaps there are men of science still out there, but I'll be damned if I can find 'em. And don't worry, for the sexist among you, female doctors have been no more helpful.

My dad's suggestion might have been the most interesting so far: give up all the other drugs, and go try some peyote. I'd still be puking, but perhaps I'd feel better.

Now, did I forget anything... saved a couple of cats out of a tree, got $ for the insurance from my car accident, and I've had more gas (yes, from both ends) this weeks, than perhaps my whole life, cumulatively.

ah..., adios!

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