Wednesday, December 10

some very freshman stuff...

The man I may fall in love with

He'll be strong and cute
Not the kind who
believes in silly myth
But not afraid
to play the flute
He'll believe in me
And I in him

Always ready to enjoy
a good spot of tea
Not too tall and not too slim
I want him smart
But not so much
that makes me feel dumb
To be just right
he's to have a good heart
And not get too excited
when I kiss his thumb

Hair of golden brown
Eyes of deep blue or green
Buttocks firm and round
Broad shoulders on which I can lean
Caressable nipples
Soft perked nose
Cute, but subtle dimple
Muscles in nicely isolated rows

All of these things would be hot
But all I really need to have
In my real man
Is love

He must have humor and truth
Give it all he's got
Be able to cheer me when I'm blue
And for this, my promise is simple
to love him, a lot

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