Tuesday, December 9

in my own lil' coffee house...

Stop the world, I want to get off
It revolves around me anyway
So, why not?
All that's necessary
is for me to say o.k.
It doesn't take a lot.

Something almost scared me,
But I'll never tell
So, would you please, say
just let me go free?
It's a living hell
I walk around more
on the world everyday
But it's just not right
Seems there's a lil' somethin'
amiss in every way

Spirits are not indeed
happy and light
now we're only gay or straight
And no one's having fun

No matter where I look
I see pure hate
No more words, just a gun

Black and white
forced to live together
But will and do not

Men and women marry
and kill whatever the whether
And hey, why not?

Humans, the ultimate game
are hunted everywhere
makes ya kinda wonder
about those fish

All these and many more
but I gotta worry, look
about my hair - mouse
'Cause I only love one wish

Stop the world, I want to get off
I have my happy one
lil' coffee house
If there's a problem-thing
It won't exist there

Some say it's the same
But I don't care,
I got my wish
I got off the world

When I came
into my door
I made them stop
though they fight

Because in here
there's no need
to smoke any more

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