Thursday, February 26

Snow Day....'til Spring Break

It's so nice when it snows, and you needed it most. To finish out this week, I had 2 assignments, 2 speeches, 2 exams, 3 papers, a traffic ticket to appeal, and camera equipment to pick-up and shoot with, at a local Underground Railroad house (name of which is in dispute, but we'll call it Bell-Herrin-Gilliam, for short, for now). I could've done it all, but it'll sure be nice to have that extra Spring break to finish everything.

The down side, if ETSU isn't open tomorrow, no camera-stuff. But the is good news about equipment....The countdown on my computer parts is now 10:12 (anxiously awaiting RAM and monitor). Luckily they deliver in the snow, but we may see if that holds true in a blizzard.

Today's projections range from 4" to 14". It's not the size, but the distance that scares me. We haven't had a March blizzard in a long, long time, I hope this holds on for just a couple days. Unfortunately, it's melting a little right now, but there's no decrease in snowfall (predicted for hours, yet). Yeah! -- for all those who don't have to go anywhere....And good luck! -- to all those that do.

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