Saturday, February 7

O.K., here it is...

The holidays were different, but great. Hypoglycemia has subsided, but is not subdued. ETSU has consumed my time, and worn out my mind, body, and soul....I'm just tired. With merely 75 hours left, I have go, I have to finish, it's so close. My house has radically changed...none of the original room-mates still live here. It's kinda weird, yet really nice. Some things will always be missed, but mostly not.

And most interesting of all: I'm finally making a documentary (for those who don't know, that's like my dream, and stuff). It's not the subject matter for which I'd planned, but something completely different. It's quite local, yet still quite diverse. The working title: Tour Appalachia on the Underground Railroad (doesn't leave much up to the imagination, but gimme a break, it is a working title). So, now the problem: researching local turning into hearsay land. It's easy to find rumors/leads, but mostly they have no real ending. Most locals don't seem to want to help us with our research, but it's that supposedly liberal east-TN spirit that is main focus of this documentary. I guess these people were just plain good at hiding. Everyone's got a story, but no one's got the address or phone number. But all that complaining aside, I'm loving it -- every minute of it. Even when I find a frustrating end, it's still so satisfying just doing the work. It's the best class ever!

So, if anybody know about the underground railroad, especially in Appalachia, then lemme know. And, if anyone needs to rent a room, lemme know that, too. Otherwise, hablamos luego...hasta pronto.

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