Wednesday, May 5

film fun

I guess it's about time to say, yeah, I'm still alive. Lucky day, eh. The documentary's done (mostly); we can't stop being perfectionists, but we've already shown it twice. I know I should be full of details about it, or the party following it's premier, but nah....I'd rather tease (and I'm kinda tired of it all). So, you can look forward to more details soon. For now, yeah, school's out.....and for once, no summer school. I've been at ETSU for 4-freakin' years, and haven't had a summer off, yet. Of course, at this point I'm not sure if I'll ever go back (half-joking), that people are practically begging to buy a copy of my documentary. I'm still stunned. Also, we got an offer today asking how much we wanted to show it at UNC. I doubt it's serious money, but it was a nice offer.

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