Thursday, March 4

Surprise...surprise, surprise, surprise

We got another nice surprise filming today. At the Embree House , we met the owner who had tried to contact us. She filled us in on some of the history and the stories and so on. It was so much more than we expected. We thought he was mainly known for his Abolitionist newspaper in the early 19th century. Rumors, of course, suggest that he was also part of the Underground Railroad . Either way, he's a still a most positive aspect of Appalachian and African American (it's just seems right without the hyphen) relationships, and i.e. still within the documentary's scope. Also I filmed some churches, a school, and (for dramatic-geographic significance) some train tracks. Pretty good for Spring Break, eh.

And now more than ever, I want a stone house. That place was more than 2 centuries old and still so magnificent.

....stilll waiting to hear about local t.v., but we have started a local controversy (at least for people who read tiny edits to the editors buried on page 10A). More than ever, glad I'm not a journalist.

Hasta Luego

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